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I just wanted to say I received the putter a few days ago and played my first round with it today I shot 63 with 10 birdies and felt like I could not miss anything inside 20 feet. The way the ball rolls off the face is nothing like I've ever had on any putter and I have hundreds of putters. I played on the web.com and some of the other mini tours nationwide. Unfortunately I didn't have this club in my bag because this would have probably gotten me to the PGA tour. It is an amazing product and can't wait till my next round with it thanks again.

Mike Caporale


After a few rounds to get used to the new Radius Roll you made for me, I am starting to pour in putts from all over! 12 birdies and an eagle in my last two rounds!
Thank you so much for your support, it means a lot to me, and I will be supporting your product as well.

Gabe Exiner, PGA
Crystal Tree GCC





Hosts George Honeycutt and Al Cloyd along with Radius Roll representative, Greg Buban talk Radius Roll Putters on this episode of Tech Talk on TGD Radio. Keep up with the latest news golf news and information at thegolfdirector.com. Please view the video below





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 I was fortunate enough to acquire a Radius-Roll putter recently and to say the least, I was quite surprised. I’ve been playing golf since 1970, and have played the game at the highest level. Although there are a lot of putters that make promises of better playing and superior results, it really comes down to how the club feels and performs to the individual. I remember when “YES” introduced the no skip putter, which was a great concept, however there was little forgiveness built in the club with off center strikes. After trying multiple other putters and searching for just the right touch, I invested in a Scotty Camron putter. I had used it for a few years and was convinced that it was my putter for life, but after getting my hands on my Radius-Roll putter, I was quite impressed with the results and made my final change. Whether hitting short or long putts, I can feel a difference in the pace and solidity of the stroke. Contact feels crisp even when the shot is hit off center. The ball seems to start rolling true right after it leaves the face. This is now the club of choice and my lifetime putter. I recommend that everyone give this a try. You may feel like your putter performs optimally, but once you experience this one, you’ll second guess your belief.  


Christopher Warner

Golf Teachers Academy of America

Master Golf Teaching Professional


International PGA, WGCA USGA, R&A,

AGA, HGA, Global Pass Holder ISD,

Certified Examiner

Top 100 Teachers




Hi Rick, how are things going? Doug Sanders is really liking your putter. I have been using it and won the Golf Writers Annual Golf Championship at Pinehurst the week before the Masters. Last week I won a qualifying event at the International Network of Golf at the Blue Heron course in Atlantic City again using the Radius Roll. I have a lot of confidence that I am going to hit a solid putt every time. I go to Howie in the Hills, Florida for participate in the US qualifying event to see who wins for a 10 day trip to South Africa in September.

 Doug would like to endorse your putter.


Wayne Williams - Testing Director

GolfTest USA 



"I like the way the RadiusRoll putters start the ball rolling immediately on line. It rolls true from the beginning with an amazingly soft feel. The more consistent roll enables better speed control in longer putts. Shorter putts start on line and stay on line. Even slight mis-hits still allow consistent speed control. Itʼs great to see a made in USA product become successful.”



Mark Bucek, PGA Champions Tour Player




"I'm excited to play the RadiusRoll putter on the tour! I'm convinced it's the best putter out there! Since using my RadiusRoll putter, I have lowered my putting stoke average by 2.5 strokes.

Danny Forshey
PGA Canada Tour Professional Golfer



I have had a chance to roll some putts with the new RadiusRoll.  Wow!  It is incredible!  The roll that the ball has coming off the face is the best I have had in a long time.  Thank you for your tremendous work!  I am looking forward to making a lot of putts in 2014.

 Thank you,

J. Deven Trueblood, PGA Head Golf Professional

The Pete Dye Course - French Lick Resort


"One of the great things I see with this putter is the way it rolls, it is definitely PURE ROLL.. easy to hit, soft, and feels great! I think you guys have the right concept, and the putter will be very famous very soon!"

Gloriana Soto

LPGA Symetra Tour Professional Golfer



I just had to tell you that I am having GREAT SUCCESS with my new RadiusRollputter!! I bought one at the Golf Show in Grand Rapids this spring and I have probably shaved at least 4-6 strokes off my game and am sinking 5-8 footers like it’s my JOB!

HIGH FIVE – to the HIGH FIVE putter!!"

Lorie VanWerden



"I think it safe to say that over the years of my golfing experience, I have tried something north of 50 different putters (titlest, ping, odyssey, powerbilt, rife two bar, taylormade, bettinardi, cameron, heavy putter, never compromise, yes, etc., etc., etc.).  Your putter is by far the best rolling putter I have ever used.  I am not an engineer (retired businessman), but I'm convinced your radius face technology starts the ball on the truest roll of any putter I have ever used."

Maurie Daigneau



"My friend stole my RadiusRoll". 

After putting with an F/P RadiusRoll with an offset hosel at the PGA show in Orlando in January, I decided to I had to leave with one.  Rick Monroe was able to make that happen :)  I was very anxious to put my new RadiusRoll to the test immediately on the Florida golf courses I planned to play after the show.

 The first round was scheduled at Southern Hills with my friend Connie.(Connie lives on the course and since I visit every year, she allows me to store a set of clubs in her garage). During the round,  I proceeded to sink several putts with my new black and red weapon and Connie decided she wanted to check it out. After sinking one putt after the other, Connie demanded that I give her my RadiusRoll in exchange for the club storage she provided over the years!.

 I was devastated about giving up my RadiusRoll!  I felt like I was handing overkeys to my new car... OH NO this couldn't be happening, MY RadiusRoll was stolen from me within 24 hours! My game would never be the same without it!

 My friend stole my RadiusRoll - DON'T let them steal yours........

 p.s.  I did contact Rick and ordered another RadiusRoll.  It is now

secured in a special golf vault until Spring breaks in Michigan :-)

 Phyllis C. Barone - FemaleGolf Columnst/Reporter

WDFN, clickondetroit, Chicago District Golfer TV



Radius Roll putter: the latest, greatest rounded-face putter incarnation


Published: Thursday, January 23, 2014 | 08:52:06 PM |


David Walberg/Sports Illustrated

The Radius Roll putters.

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Stop me if you've heard this one about the putter with the face bulge that causes a golf ball to start rolling quicker and truer than -- stop!

Sorry, you haven't heard this one before. You only think you have.

No, a putter with a rounded face isn't new. You may remember the TearDrop putter from the '90s or the Tru-Roll putter from the mid-2000s. The TearDrop had a rounded face and a curved tail that resembled an airplane wing. The Tru-Roll looked like a cylinder on a shaft.

The Radius Roll putter is the latest, greatest incarnation. It comes as a milled blade putter, including a center-shafted version, or a hybrid mallet with a heel-shafted model.

Inventor and Radius Roll founder Rick Monroe got the idea for his baby 20 years ago, commiserating over another poor putting round as he sat in the players' lounge (that sounds classier than bar, doesn't it?) at the Broken Arrow Golf Club in Lockport, Ill. In between drinks (probably sasparilla but that's just a guess) he absent-mindedly kept hitting one golf ball on a tabletop with another ball in his hand. After a number of tries, he noticed how well the second ball rolled after being struck by the first ball. Round meets round equals roll. Hmm.

That concept was filed away for future use and when Monroe finally retired for real after turns as a club pro, an engineer and an educator, he decided to try to create the perfect-rolling putter.

"They didn't invent the idea and I didn't, either," Monroe said. "Ben Hogan actually came up with this concept in the early 1950s. The other putters had rounded faces but they didn't have all the other specs correct. I spent five years developing and designing this until I got it right. So we didn't invent it but we did perfect it."

The concept is simple. You want the leading rounded edge of the putter to strike the golf ball at the ball's equator line, or fractionally above it, to create an almost instant roll. With traditional flat-face putters, which often have up to four degrees of loft, slow-motion video cameras and tests show that the ball skids and skips and travels in the air as much as nine inches or more before returning to the ground and rolling, possibly off-line by this point after that aerial jaunt.

"I was in the bar at my course, where a lot of good ideas are born," Monroe said with a laugh. "I was sitting with a buddy, hitting one ball against the other and a light bulb went on. Now why is it every time I hit this ball with the other ball, it rolls off it so perfectly? I thought about shooting pool and how energy is transferred and I started putting things together. A few years ago, I made a prototype and realized that just having a radius face isn't the whole answer. It's only part of the equation."

The dimensions of the putterhead also matter. And whatever Monroe figured out in that department is a trade secret of Radius Roll.

There is no argument that the Radius Roll putter gets the ball on the ground quicker and rolling sooner than traditional flat-faced putters.

"With a flat-face putter, every one puts the ball in the air from eight to 12 inches, you just don't see it," he said. "You can look at the video at 1,600 frames per second. Or you can go out on a dew-covered green early in the morning, hit that first putt and see how far it flies before it starts leaving a trail. The ball is in the air and it has reverse spin on it like a wedge, although not to that degree."

It wasn't until he was staring at the reality of retirement and the unbearable notion of watching television all day that he decided to get serious about his idea from almost two decades earlier. He got that first prototype ready by 2008 and has been refining it since while trying to market it.

"Everybody experiences a sort of aha moment with our putters," Monroe said. "It takes two or three putts and the person looks up and says, 'What the hell is that?' It feels like putting through butter and the ball rolls perfectly."

He began to sell the putter in 2009. The early models were made in China but because they were effectively made by hand by craftsmen using early 20th-century tools, no two models were exactly the same, a fact that bothered Monroe, who found a factory on Chicago's south side to manufacture his putters to a much higher quality standard.

The suggested retail price is $249. You can find them online at www.RadiusRoll.com or you can go to the Monroe's shop in Lockport, Ill. He does custom fitting, too.

The irony is, now that he's working to get the Radius Roll business on, well, a roll, he doesn't have much time to play golf, which is supposed to be what you do when you retire.

"Last year, I had to make a decision if this was going to be an actual business or a very expensive hobby," Monroe said. "I chose business."

Hogan would probably agree.




Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Product Review: RadiusRoll F/P Tour Putter


There are many different schools of thought on swinging a golf club ... same with putting. Club design, however, seems to differ much more with putters than with the other clubs in the bag. Mallet vs. blade; anchored vs. traditional length; various hosel options; etc.

The one consistency is trying to get the ball in the hole in the fewest amount of strokes. RadiusRoll believes they’ve got the answer - PureStrike Instant Roll Technology.

Check out the RadiusRoll website or click HERE. Side-by-side comparisons of their product vs. a standard, lofted putter show up to 10 inches of skid upon striking the ball with a standard putter. The 0.8400" radius face with PureStrike Instant Roll Technology starts the ball rolling immediately. The radius of a golf ball also is 0.8400” - leading to a friction-free strike.

Putting is the partnership between speed and line. You may think you have both, but if skidding or hopping take you even a 1/4 inch off line, that could result in an error of 2 1/2 inches on a 10-foot putt, according to RadiusRoll.

We tested the RadiusRoll F/P Tour offset-hosel-style putter. The F/P Tour is precision CNC milled in the United States from soft carbon steel and features a black chrome finish. Like all the putters in the RadiusRoll arsenal, it features PureStrike Instant Roll Technology, which delivers instant forward roll on the golf ball - starting your putts on line and keeping them on line.

The RadiusRoll F/P Tour provides a soft, solid feel, putt after putt. We’ve tested dozens of putters and played many more over the years. Distance control has been a common theme when it comes to trouble. While user error can always be blamed, inconsistent feel is too often a concern. From short putts to long putts, the feel remains the same with the F/P Tour.

Specifics of the F/P Tour
• USGA Conforming
• 0.8400" Radius Face with PureStrike Instant Roll Technology
• Precision CNC Milled from soft carbon steel for a soft, solid feel
• 355 gram (13.2 oz) head weight
• Available lengths from 32 to 36 inches
• Manufactured and Assembled in the United States
• Plush RadiusRoll headcover included

Putting is a very individual component of the game and the feelings about loft will surely continue to be debated. Whichever side you lean toward, know this ... The RadiusRoll F/P Tour putter with PureStrike Instant Roll Technology will get your ball rolling on line upon contact, while an inherent skid or hop is expected with common putters.

Visit www.radiusroll.com to learn more about the technology and see all RadiusRoll has to offer.

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