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RadiusRoll™ Putters with PureStrike Instant Roll Technology™ deliver instant forward roll on the golf ball, starting your putts on line and keeping them on line! No hop. No skid. No excuses.

Every flat-faced putter has one inherent flaw and it can be costing you missed putts. Because of the loft ofthe putter face, striking a golf ball with a flat-faced putter lifts it off the ground. It then hops and skids forup to 9 inches before friction takes hold and the ball  begins to roll. A putt that hops or skids just ¼ inch off line will create an error of 2½ inches on a 10 foot putt. Why use a putter that has this built-in flaw?

RadiusRoll Putters are precision milled with a 0.8400” radius face, the exact radius of a golf ball. Our PureStrike Instant Roll Technology delivers a friction-free strike on the ball with no hop or skid. And because there's no friction, the result is a very solid yet soft feeling putt that tracks like it's on rails.

• All RadiusRoll™ Putters are USGA Conforming

• Precision Milled from 303 stainless steel for a soft, solid feel.

• 0.8400" Radius Face with PureStrike Instant Roll Technology™.

• 375 gram (13.2 oz) head weight.

• Available lie angles, 68° - 72°.

• Available lengths, 32" - 36". 

• Manufactured and Assembled in the USA.


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