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The current list of Touring Professional Golfer using RadiusRoll Putters


Sept 30, 2013

Lockport, IL


Here is the latest list of PGA and LPGA pros with RadiusRoll Putters.



Mark Bucek – PGA Champions Tour, Black model

Amy Alcott – LPGA Legends Tour – French Lick - Money HS

Barb “Moxie” Moxness LPGA - ordered 2, one for herself and her caddie husband

Susie Redman – LPGA Legends Tour  

Terry Jo Meyers – LPGA Legends Tour

Judy Dickerson – French Lick  

David Lawrence – PGA mini tours

Bobby Clampett – Champions Tour - 3M – Money

Bernhard Langer – Champions Tour - Encompass - long model Money

Hubert Green – Champions Tour = 3M - High Five

Chien Soon Lu – Champions Tour - Black model

Kitty Robyn – LPGA - bought one for caddie husband, she is waiting for her belly model

Danny Forshey – PGA Canada Tour player

Gloriana Soto - Symetra Tour


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